Let’s get right to the links:

1. Speaking of Greg’s tracking of dishonest ads, a Crossroads GPS attack ad against Senator Jon Tester over (mythical) farm dust regulations has been pulled by one cable system.

2. David Frum has some proposed questions for the next Republican debate, which will focus on foreign policy for a change.

3. Really good analysis of Jon Huntsman’s (likely limited) potential in New Hampshire from Simon van Zuylen-Wood.

4. Ezra Klein analyzes Mitt Romney’s problems from the point of view of political science party theory.

5. Interesting post from Jonathan Cohn about the Eurozone and myths about the welfare state.

6. I really liked Kevin Drum’s post on why corporations love regulatory complexity.

7. My weekend reading? Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen’s speech on achieving Financial Stability.

8. Jamison Foser discusses populism on behalf of the 1%.

9. Daniel Larison on Bushism vs. conservativism.

10. Karl Smith makes the case for Geithner.

11. Taxes and witch hunts, from Sarah Kliff. No, not metaphorical witch hunts. Real, honest-to-goodness, witch hunts.

12. Empirical confirmation of the Friday news-dump, from Al Kamen.

13. A great round-up about money and politics research from Jonathan Robinson.

14. Brendan Nyhan and Jacob Montgomery on forecasting the 2012 election.

15. And Tod Kelly on the Herman Cain and the lessons of loving Steve Garvey