* A judge rules that Occupy Wall Street protesters can’t return to Zuccotti Park with their tents, but various reports on the Twitter indicate that they’re already reoccupying the park, anyway.

* Takedown of the day: James Downie has the full indictment of “Bloomberg’s disgraceful eviction of Occupy Wall Street.”

* Ben Smith pillories Mayor Bloomberg for being all over the map on Zuccotti Park and the protesters, and I hope he’s right in predicting a severe media hammering for Bloomberg over the evictions.

* Paul Krugman, on the upside of the Zuccotti eviction:

By acting so badly, Bloomberg has made it easy to see who won’t be truthful and can’t handle open discourse. He’s also saved OWS from what was probably its greatest problem, the prospect that it would just fade away as time went on and the days grew colder. Quite a night’s work.

My reaction to the judge’s order is just to reiterate that the protests have already accomplished a key objective that goes well beyond whether a few hundred people will continue to sleep in Zuccotti park.

* Steve Kornacki games it out: Elizabeth Warren, 2016 White House prospect.

* Also: Hotline concludes that based on the key metric of turnout at her campaign events, Warren is the “biggest rock star” of the 2012 cycle.

* Sam Stein on the latest signs that the Obama campaign thinks the Ohio labor victory will give him a crucial boost in a state that has historically decided presidential elections.

* Harry Reid, on how the American people should respond if the supercommittee fails: “Maybe they should impeach Grover Norquist.”

* Chart of the day, courtesy of Ron Brownstein, perfectly capturing the astounding volatility of the 2012 GOP primary, and the degree to which it’s being driven by wild fluctuations of opinion among the GOP’s Tea Party wing.

* Special bonus chart of the day, courtesy of The Fix: The incredible shrinking popularity of Congress.

I wonder if this has anything to do with Congress’s failure to pass policies that have strong public support and are designed to alleviate a national crisis causing mass suffering...

* And your sorely needed Tuesday comic relief: E.J. Dionne on how Herman Cain’s endorsement of public employee bargaining rights shows that Republican primary voters see giving an inch to unions as a far greater transgression than sexual harassment charges.

What else is happening?