* A nice Harold Meyerson take on the imperative that Occupy Wall Sreet channel its energy into good old fashioned politics.

* The arrest warrant for the man charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama or his staff.

* Ruth Marcus sees signs for optimism about supercommittee Republicans, because

Republicans are beginning the process of breaking free of the no-new-taxes spell that has been cast over their party for the last few decades

One hopes so! The problem, however, is that Republicans are only agreeing to new revenues through ending loopholes and deductions as part of a deal that would make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

* Mike Tomasky on the GOP’s new hostage strategy.

* Remember all that talk about “going big” with a $4 trillion deficit reduction Grand Bargain? It’s looking more and more like the supercommittee won’t even meet its minimum obligation of $1.2 trillion.

* Republicans are hammering Obama because the deficit has now crossed the $15 trillion mark. Steve Benen has a useful timeline detailing exactly how we got to that point.

Hint: It didn’t start on Inauguration Day 2009.

* Takedown of the day: Alec MacGillis skewers that silly Politico story hailing the GOP’s new strategy of falsely claiming Obama said Americans are “lazy.”

* Jamison Foser has some interesting back story on that New Jersey Millionaire’s Tax: The state has raised taxes on the wealthy before, and dire conservative predictions of armageddon didn’t come to pass.

* Kudos to Rick Santorum for being willing (unlike many others on the right) to talk about Occupy Wall Street without focusing only on the protesters’ bowel movements:

“The original idea, which is that Wall Street is getting preferential treatment, bailouts and support, while the rest of the country is struggling, is a legitimate point.”

* 2012 reality check of the day: Dem outside groups are already struggling to raise the money to keep pace with the huge flood of outside money expected from the right, raising the very real prospect that Dems will be outgunned again.

* Nancy Pelosi’s response to Rick Perry’s challenge that she debate him next Monday:

“Monday, I’m going to be in Portland in the morning. I’m going to be visiting some of our labs in California in the afternoon. That’s two. I can’t remember what the third thing is.”

In all seriousness, is the calculation here that Perry can win over GOP presidential primary voters by taking it to ... Pelosi?

* It’s not easy running a presidential campaign: Herman Cain’s campaign concedes that its security procedures are sorely lacking after a number of skirmishes with reporters, which the campaign is chalking up to “intense interest” in his candidacy.

* Indeed, the Secret Service will now be taking over Cain’s security.

What else is happening?