* You should definitely check out Chris Hayes’ show on MSNBC tomorrow morning — he has a scoop coming that will shed some new light on the meaning of the constant efforts to discredit Occupy Wall Street. Here’s the teaser:

‘Up’ will reveal details of a memo the program has obtained from a prominent lobbying firm pitching a Wall Street client on how to hit back at Occupy Wall Street and target specific Democrats in 2012 races around the country.

* Must-see charts of the day: These three charts created by the Post graphics team perfectly illustrate why measuring the contribution the rich make in taxes by overall share of the tax burden — as Paul Ryan does — is thoroughly bogus.

* Bonus chart of the day: Jared Bernstein neatly illustrates the stark decline in the tax liability of the top one percent over the last three decades.

* Paul Krugman debunks the Ryan report’s claims that “mobility” compensates for inequality, and concludes:

Ryan’s answer is that we need strong economic growth, the kind that we get by cutting taxes on the rich. Because that’s why the Clinton years were an economic disaster and the Bush years so prosperous.

* I’m with Atrios on this: It matters, a lot, that the supercommittee, and Congress in general, have spent months and months implicitly signaling to the public that the real cause of our economic travails is the deficit.

* Like Joan McCarter, I just don’t get why some media figures can’t figure out that exchanging new revenues for making the Bush tax cuts permanent does not constitute a meaningful concession on taxes.

* As the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities puts it in a must-read, the GOP plan

would permanently set tax rates below those set by the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, effectively locking in the Bush tax cuts for high-income taxpayers (as well as other taxpayers) and taking them off the table for future deficit reduction

This isn’t complicated.

* Dem Rep. Xavier Becerra says what must not be said: Supercommittee failure might not be such a catastrophe, after all.

* This one doesn’t exactly square with the conventional wisdom about demoralized Dems: Obama is doing far better with small donors this time than all his GOP rivals or even his 2008 campaign did.

* Mitt Romney opines that if Dems get their way on taxes, “we’d all have lighter wallets.”

Hmmm. All of us? As David Firestone notes, Mitt seems to be “forgetting that we’re not all in his tax bracket.”

* Newt-mentum!!! Is Newt Gingrich emerging as a threat to Mitt Romney in the latter’s must win state of New Hampshire? Quite possibly.

* Jennifer Rubin on why some conservatives are seriously worried about Newt Gingrich: He’s too much of a megalomaniac to ever grow as a candidate, and the Obama campaign would rip him to shreds. Roger that.

* The newly designed Obama reelect Web site is breaking new ground on a new frontier for campaigns: Taking them mobile.

* “Occupy a desk?” Occupy this: Justin Elliott unmasks those two brothers who are getting national attention for countering the protesters with their poor, put-upon, hard-working Wall Street everyman act.

* And given that so many in the right wing media scornfully dismiss the importance of Occupy Wall Street, it’s amusing how much time and energy they spend spreading outright lies about it.

What else is happening?