Plenty of great stuff for your Thanksgiving reading:

1. Steve Kornacki has an excellent analysis of the problem Iowa social conservatives confront, but I think he reaches the wrong conclusion for them. Really, if Newt Gingrich is the logical way to stop Mitt, why not just accept the Mittster?

2. And if Iowa conservatives have forgotten why, they should read Jennifer Rubin’s recap of just a few of the many, many ways that Newt has defied mainstream conservative orthodoxy. Very simply, if conservatives want someone who will stay bought, Romney may be risky, but trusting Gingrich is nuts.

3. Or as Ed Kilgore put it: “Thrice-married, twice-converted power-hungry money-hungry flip-flopper could be unity candidate for Soldiers of Cross. Go figure.”

4. Ron Fournier responds to Greg's criticism at some length, conceding that Dems did make a more reasonable supercommittee offer but still indicting both parties for gridlock and dysfunction and for failing to produce "results."

5. Steve Benen responds to Fournier's response. Key nugget:

I’m afraid Fournier is still off-base. Of course results matter, as does the fiscal health of the nation. But the larger point is that it’s worth understanding why results have been elusive. Even if we put aside whether debt reduction is a worthwhile goal right now — I believe prioritizing the debt over the economy is a tragic mistake — there are key questions that matter. Which side of the political divide is producing credible debt-reduction plans? Who’s shown a willingness to make important concessions? Who wants to compromise? Who has credibility in this debate?

6. The demise of the supercommittee could give the Democrats serious leverage during the next budget negotiations, as Ezra Klein explains.

7. Matt Yglesias compares it to the all-or-nothing approach that Republicans used in health care, which backfired on them in that case.

8. More on the same from Andrew Sprung, who thinks that the earlier Budget Control Act now looks like Obama’s 60 yard punt.

9. Dave Weigel’s birther update is good fun, but also a good reminder that when you get a landslide, you get a lot of very goofy state legislators who wouldn’t win otherwise. And then they do and say stuff.

10. Conservative reporter Philip Klein posts the audio of that amazing exchange with a Mitt Romney flack who refused to say whether Romney supports the deportation of longtime illegal immigrants.

11. What will the administration do on contraception, with the decision due any time now? Lindsay Beyerstein makes it simple: “Birth control is part of health care.”

12. No mentions of Yemen last night in the debate, but apparently Saleh is really, truly, out this time. So now at the next national security debate, every Republican can safely say that in Yemen Barack Obama betrayed America by not standing up for another trusted ally, and can retire the alternative that Obama betrayed American exceptionalism by not standing up for freedom against the thug Selah in Yemen. (Note: offer does not apply to Ron Paul and, perhaps, Jon Huntsman).

13. And an appreciation of departing Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator Don Berwick, from Sarah Kliff.Happy Thanksgiving!