Let’s dive right in:

1. Adam Serwer explains what was wrong with Senator Kelly Ayotte’s torture amendment.

2. Spencer Ackerman on the disaster for civil liberties taking shape in the Senate.

3. Why the idea of bombing Iran is stupid, from Michael Cohen.

4. Great item on Frank Luntz’s pathetic magic words by Seth Michaels: “Take these talking points for what they are—calculated falsehoods, and a cheap, transparent attempt to use real economic worries to support the same old 1% agenda.” My view? Luntz is a charlatan, and his magic words are mostly useless.

5. Best rundown yet of the “Obama doesn’t care about the white working class” myth and the telephone game that created it from Jonathan Chait.

6. See also Ruy Teixeira’s explanation.

7. Joe Klein hits Mitt Romney over Israel:It is very much unprecedented for a candidate for President to side with a foreign leader against the American President. But given their warped disrespect for this particular President, it has become disgracefully common among Republicans this year.

8. A fun story from Benji Sarlin with a great catch from American Bridge: one of Romney’s sons reminiscing about the Romney’s “small” $12M house.

9. We’re not likely to get too many more of these: a new Herman Cain ad.

10. And the Michele Bachmann campaign probably isn’t going to last for long, either, but Amanda Marcotte is right that it couldn’t get any closer to pure Daily Show bait if it was trying.

11. Nice. The Republican Jewish Coalition is holding a presidential forum; Ron Paul is not welcome.

12. Newt Gingrich is doubling down on the whole poor-kids-should-be-janitors thing. As a couple of people said over twitter today, Newt apparently has never actually had known anyone poor, and apparently has no idea at all what it’s like (hint: yes, lots of poor people have held jobs).

13. And Newt’s defense of his claim that he wasn’t a lobbyist is that he was only acting “as a citizen,” which is probably true: after all, citizens are allowed to be lobbyists. And when they do, they take money and advocate on behalf of paying interests. Sort of like what Newt has been doing for years.

14. Jamelle Bouie is frustrated by pundits who criticize the Obama Administration without seeming to have any clue about what it has actually done.

15. Still interested in the demise of the Supercommittee? Dave Weigel blames the Republicans.

16. Europe, Europe, Europe. You should be following it. Need a cheat sheet? Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff give you the European Debt Crisis in Eight Graphs.

17. And Alyssa Rosenberg, excellent on Siri and sexism.