* Good read from Tom Edsall on why the public’s rising preoccupation with inequality presents Dems with a big opportunity to undermine an enduring conservative narrative about liberalism that has historically held great appeal to swing voters.

* A major test for John Boehner: When the House votes tomorrow on the GOP payroll tax cut extension bill, GOP leaders can only afford to lose around two dozen Republicans or risk defeat.

If House Republicans can’t pass their own extension proposal, Dems will argue it proves they only want lower taxes for the rich.

* Pushback: House Republicans want a 60-day deadline for a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline included with the extension, but the State Department says No Dice, it just isn’t gonna happen.

* Betrayal! Socialism!! Right wing media are apoplectic at Newt Gingrich for making an issue out of mass layoffs on Romney’s watch at Bain, arguing he attacked — gasp! — the free market itself.

* We have a winner! Ginrich’s tax plan would do more for the wealthy than that of any other 2012 GOPer, in the form of an average $430,000 tax cut for the top one percent.

* David Dayen ferrets out another great number: “By contrast, wage earners in the lowest quintile would save around $649.” Oh, and it would blow a big hole in the deficit, too.

* A big deal: The Supreme Court’s decision to hear a challenge to the incendiary Arizona immigration law ensures (along with the health law challenge) that the High Court will be a major player in the 2012 election.

* Jon Walker says Congress’s record low numbers are far worse than you think: They reveal just how deeply troubled, and how badly in need of reform, this country’s political system really is.

* Newt, frontrunner? Eight years ago yesterday, George W. Bush advisers were aggressively gearing up to face certain Dem nominee Howard Dean.

* The world according to Fox News: Since the beginning of the year, the unemployment rate has soared from 9 percent all the way up to 8.6 percent.

* And your sorely needed Monday comic relief: George Soros’s secret army concedes defeat in this year’s War on Christmas.

What else is happening?