* Another day, another Crossroads GPS falsehood: Fact checkers at USA Today demolish the new Elizabeth Warren ad and skewer another one falsely suggesting Ben Nelson took personal health care payoffs.

* The White House’s strongly worded threat to veto the House GOP payroll tax cut extension plan suggests Dems are still convinced they hold the leverage as the deadline fast approaches.

* A nice Kevin Drum post on why the Obama adminstration should fess up on Plan B and admit that considerations other than science drove its decision.

* GOP Senators are set to unveil a replacement for the defense cuts that were set in motion by the supercommittee trigger agreed to by GOP Senators.

* Sam Stein on the Obama campaign’s five paths to reelection, all of which illustrate how tight the routes to victory have become.

Also note the growing sense among Obama advisers that Newt wouldnt' necessarily have the liabilities among Rust Belt voters that Romney, given his Bain background, would have.

* Obama advisers are also betting that a long and volatile GOP primary will move the eventual nominee way to the right, leaving them the space they need to establish their preferred general election narrative.

David Axelrod: “This is an unusual year, the most unpredictable Republican race I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

* The Romney campaign’s response to the 2002 video that surfaced showing Romney describing his views as “progressive”:

“The very last thing the Democrats want to do is run against Mitt Romney. That is why they are focused on his campaign and not on the economy. The Democrats are continuing their campaign of deception in their strategy to ‘kill Romney.’ If anyone has a question of how Mitt Romney will govern as president, take a look at his record of creating jobs, cutting spending, and protecting the sanctity of life and traditional marriage. That was his record as Governor and that will be his record as president.”

The video, however, was not unearthed by Democrats.

* Steve Kornacki on another major hurdle for Romney: Southern Republicans can’t stomach the man, and the rise of southern Tea Partyism in the age of Obama has made them asurprisingly receptive to Romney’s nemesis Newt.

* Katrina Vanden Heuvel sizes up the new House progressives’ jobs plan, the “Restore the American Dream for the 99 Percent Act,” and concludes that it’s well intentioned but reveals just how constrained the debate over jobs has really become.

* Jonathan Cohn marvels at Romney’s ability to claim, without irony, that Obama is the only president to cut Medicare even as he lavishes praise on Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan.

* A new NBC poll finds a record high of 42 percent believe this Congress is one of the worst ever, yet another reminder why Obama is running so hard against it.

* And Donald Trump outdoes his previous 2012 hucksterism, insisting he called off his debate in order to preserve his right to pursue a presidential run as an independent that is never, ever going to happen.