Word is leaking out that the Democrats are considering dropping the millionaire surtax as part of the payroll tax/unemployment insurance extension bill. Trial balloon? Negotiating ploy? Cave? Hard to tell, but worth watching. Nothing yet on what would be included instead, so it’s hard to know how to evaluate this one so far. And the good stuff:

1. Nice piece by Steve Kornacki on the GOP flip-flop on Bill Clinton. He could have added similar selective and tactical flips on Harry Truman and John Kennedy.

2. Immigration doesn’t increase poverty, and in some cases it can even decrease it. Suzy Khimm reports the evidence.

3. Jonathan Cohn notes that 2.5 million young adults have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

4. Ari Berman has all the latest on the Republican war on voting.

5. Speaking of White House caves . . . Adam Serwer has the news on the decision to sign the defense authorization bill, despite previous veto threats.

6. John Sides and Alex Lundry show that Republican voters certainly do care about electability.

7. Jordan Ragusa does a bit of empirical research, destroys the Cracker Barrel/Whole Foods thing.

8. Ron Paul wins one endorsement — from Obama-supporting Andrew Sullivan.

9. Newt Gingrich’s myth of Iranian nukes under mosques. Justin Elliott investigates and finds no evidence.

10. Mitt Romney is really not taking my advice to let others attack Newt Gingrich. “Zany”? Really?

11. Jed Lewison has more about that Romney super PAC ad that Greg caught scrubbing its references to the individual mandate.

12. Good one from Jonathan Chait on the style and quality of Romney’s flip-flops.

13. And. . . I rarely link to an item I haven’t read, but I’ll recommend Alyssa Rosenberg’s post on “What President Obama Can Learn From His Favorite TV Shows” despite ducking it. Can’t read it because I’m spoiler-averse and am looking forward to watching both “Homeland” and “Boardwalk Empire” sometime in the near future.  But she’s always excellent.