Getting right to the good stuff:

1. Jeff Madrick has the “ten worst economic ideas of 2011.”

2. That PolitiFact bogus lie of the year, still: Dave Weigel demolishes Bill Adair’s defense of it.

3. Brad Plumer has more on the important EPA mercury ruling.

4. Was Paul Krugman wrong about Europe? He explains.

5. Why the millionaire’s surtax will probably return: Jared Bernstein reads the polls.

6. Sarah Kliff on the numbers behind the doc fix – and Medicare costs in general.

7. There’s a blogosphere debate about whether government should just give people cash – Mike Konczal is on it.

8. There isn’t a lot of evidence to look at, but Nate Silver finds that conservatives tend to beat their polling numbers in Iowa and more moderate candidates tend to underperform.

9. You don’t want to miss Matt Glassman’s GOP Candidate Venn Diagrams (that’s Mitt, but collect ’em all)!

10. The DNC is targeting the Mittster, too.

11. And no, polls are not magic. From Seth Masket.