Getting right to the good stuff:

1. Matt Yglesias on the economy: “We continue to have many problems that aren’t inadequate demand, but the specific problem of mass unemployment is the result of inadequate demand.

2. Paul Krugman tries to explode the myths involved in the way people talk about government debt. Important.

3. Budget maven Stan Collender explains the latest debt limit flap.

4. Continuing an excellent Wonkblog series, Sarah Kliff looks at the year in health care policy.

5. Drones, drones, and more drones – a major story by Greg Miller.

6. Kevin Drum reacts to Miller’s drone story.

7. Ta-Nehisi Coates reacts to Miller’s drone story.

8. And Andrew Sprung asks a question about Miller’s drone story.

9. Good reporting from Iowa from Matt Bai, following Newt Gingrich around. Yes, for Plain Blog readers, that’s a positive link to a Matt Bai story.

10. Andrew Sullivan is still listening to Newt, who is still a disgrace.

11. Want to hear the conservative case against Rick Santorum? Erick Erickson has it. Seems a little thin to me, more like the conservative case against Rick Perry (that is, everyone has a few unorthodox votes or actions over a long career) than the conservative case against, say, Jon Huntsman. I still don’t think that Santorum is a very plausible nominee, but I don’t have the same completely dismissive sense of him that I did for Newt, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

12. A good substantive piece on the Ron Paul newsletters from Mike Konczal.

13. And Steve Greene on a possibly overlooked front of the GOP War on Voting: preventing college students from voting.