Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. If you’re sick of it, just remember that it’s certainly possible we’re a month or less from knowing the nominee. Although it could go on until the California primary in June…

On to the good stuff:

1. Paul Krugman: maybe, just maybe, investing in infrastructure makes a tiny bit of sense during times when investing is cheap and all those resources are sitting around unused. Just maybe.

2. We’re going to miss Michele Bachmann on the campaign trail…but we’ll remember her accusations that all social media is a conspiracy to protect Barack Obama.

3. Mitt Romney continues to collect endorsements, as Felicia Sonmez reports.

4. I had missed this one: Tim Murphy explains exactly what it was on the ethics side that earned Newt Gingrich the title of “disgraced former Speaker.”

5. Ron Paul, eating breakfast. Reporting by Beth Reinhard.

6. Mark Blumenthal took apart some of the recent Iowa polling. Uh, you do have Pollster bookmarked, right?

7. Stan Collender grades the Republican candidates on the budget deficit. They do not do well.

8. The major appliance theory of Iowa voter choice, from (my brother, the excellent reporter) David S. Bernstein.

9. Research on early public opinion research and Japanese-American internment, by Amy Fried.

10. Why is Congress unpopular? Lots of reasons, Joshua Huder explains, but probably not because of their pay or wealth.

11. Kevin Drum has a fiendish but brilliant plan to defeat annoying robocallers.

12. And an early favorite for the title of “most bizarre and amusing House candidate for 2012.” Be sure to scroll down to the comments. Via David Nir.