* Elizabeth Warren announced today that she raked in $5.7 million this quarter — claiming 23,000 donors gave an average of $64 each — besting Senator Scott Brown’s $3.2 million for the same period. It’s instructive to compare their spins.

Brown attacked Warren for taking money for out of state “liberal” interests (in Massachusetts); Warren hit Brown as a well funded tool of Wall Street and the big banks.

* This comes as a Pew poll finds “class conflict has captured a growing share of the national consciousness,” with a plurality (46-43) thinking great wealth results from connections, rather than personal effort

* A great Steven Benen post about the latest shifts in Mitt Romney’s claims about the number of jobs he “created” at Bain. The number is now back down from “over 100,000” to “tens of thousands.”

* Dan Balz on the magnitude of the challenges Romney faces in a general election, and his advisers’ confidence about their message’s resonance with economically struggling swing voters.

* Gerald Seib on Romney’ Bain vulnerability, among GOP primary and general election blue collar voters alike.

* Newt Gingrich dismisses Romney’s criticizing-Bain-is-anti-capitalist argument as more “pious baloney,” again endorsing one of the Dems’ leading general election arguments.

And no, he’s not “backing off” the Bain attacks, as Politico claimed.

* Republican leaders fret about intra-party damage as Gingrich’s spokesman makes the plan for South Carolina crystal clear: “The goal is to get rid of Romney. Our goal is to remove Mitt Romney from the competitive ranks.”

* Friends and allies worry that the newly unleashed Gingrich cannot be stopped, and that once the smoke clears from the wreckage, he’ll have done irreparable damage to the GOP.

* Dan Amira sums up Romney’s claims about “envy” and only debating inequality in “quiet rooms”:

What Romney is saying is, maybe we can debate income inequality and the abuses of Wall Street, if you insist on it, but it’s nothing to get upset about. This is not a gaffe, really, just a particularly stark reflection of Romney’s true beliefs as he’s repeatedly expressed them.


* I’m glad to see that Matt Miller isn’t refraining from using the phrase “Big Republican Lie” to describe the monumental health care falsehood lurking beneath Romney’s “fire people” gaffe.

* Jed Lewison on the profound absurdity of the comparisons between Bain-style restructurings and Obama’s rescue of the auto industry.

* Happy 10th Birthday, Guantanamo Bay, you’ve had an impressive and eventful life so far, and all indications are that you’ll have a healthy and happy future.

* And an interesting piece by Ilyse Hogue on why the Obamas should embrace the portrayal of Michele Obama’s influence over her husband in the much-discussed new book “The Obamas.”

What else?