* Richard Stevenson on the crucial and epic battle for the white working class vote that’s really driving the back-and-forth over Bain.

* Obama reelect reality check of the day: Ron Brownstein says that even if Romney culturally alienates these voters, the data shows “it would be a mistake to underestimate the depth of white blue collar alienation from the president.”

* Elizabeth Warren challenges Scott Brown to issue a joint (though probably unenforceable) call for an end to third party ads,

* Scott Brown has agreed to sit down for a summit on the issue, and it’ll be interesting to see if he really demands a halt to the flood of ads the Rove-founded Crosroads has unleashed attacking Warren.

* Gallup finds that the Beltway preoccupation with the deficit is shared by the wealthy but not by low income Americans, who mostly care about jobs.

* Mitt Romney, on the trail today: “I’m concerned about the poor...I’m not terribly worried about the very wealthiest in our society.”

But as NBC reporter Garrett Haake points out in the above link: “based on the Tax Policy Center’s analysis, the wealthy would benefit most from Romney tax plan and the poor would effectively see a tax increase.”

* Steve Benen’s weekly installment of Romney’s most ostentatious falsehoods of the week.

* Jared Bernstein has the latest Romney falsehood about government, and notes that his reputation as the reasonable, relatively honest Republican is a complete fabrication.

* Dana Milbank details the odd mixture of Romney’s wealth, social awkwardness, and phony and untrustworthy demeanor and concludes that his image is now officially in the political danger zone.

* As Ruth Marcus notes, For all of Romney’s claims that Obama wants to fundamentally transform America, the real radical in this regard is Romney himself.

* Newt’s attacks working? Robo-polling firm Public Policy Polling finds that Romney leads Gingrich by only five in South Carolina, and that Romney’ favorability ratings have dropped seven points while Ginrich’s have risen.

That spread is considerably tighter than the double digit lead Romney held in the most recent telephone poll a week ago.

* But nationally, CNN finds that Romney’s favorability ratings among Republicans is only increasing.

* Eric Erickson offers the conservative anti-Romney wishful-thinking scenario on how Gingrich, exploiting the revamped GOP nomination process, is the only one left who could conceivably stop him.

Key footnote: Erickson worries that Romney will be a “disastrous” general election candidate.

* And another sterling moment for the conservative media and its traditional media enablers as reporters at CNN vent their embarrassment over CNN contributor Dana Loesch’s vocal support for Marines who allegedly urinated on dead Taliban soldiers.

What else?