Happy King Day, everyone! The Republicans are celebrating by having, yes, another debate. I’ll be tweeting as usual and then posting here after it’s done. What am I wondering about? How about: Will Newt Gingrich brag about what a positive campaign he’s running before or after slamming one or more of the other candidates on the stage?

Just a short holiday roundup today, but here’s some good stuff:

1. Over at the Fix, Chris Cillizza has a good list of the five things he’s watching for in tonight’s debate.

2. Steve Kornacki buries Jon Huntsman. Nice.

3. How moderate is Mitt Romney? Not very, argues Jonathan Cohn.

4. Stan Collender on the OMB/WH CoS connection. That is, why have three consecutive presidents promoted someone from the Office of Management and Budget to White House chief of staff?

5. John Sides has some fascinating public opinion numbers for Martin Luther King, Jr., then and now.

6. The winner in 2012 will be the “recovery president,” Ezra Klein argues – almost regardless of what policies are enacted then. Really good point.

7. Nicolas Mendoza adds:

Not only that, but the winner also gets to define what caused the crisis! If GOP wins, “blame Fannie/Freddie” will gain traction.

8. And all about Vermin Supreme, presidential candidate, in a nice profile by Molly A.K. Connors.