* Mitt Romney, in an apparent response to demands that he release his tax returns, calls on Newt Gingrich to release the ethics probe that got him bounced from Congress, admonishing: “I wouldn’t do it piecemeal. Do it all at once.”

It’s not really clear what Romney means by “release” in this context. After all, if Gingrich does want to “release” the probe, either piecemeal or all at once, it won’t be hard: It’s already posted online right here on the ethics committee’s Website

* David Dayen on how the big SOPA victory proves that grassroots activism can work against tremendous odds — and why people should still be very vigilant about the “bargaining” phase that’s coming next.

* Great catch by Adam Serwer: Romney inadvertently confirms that Obamacare isn’t socialism, after all.

* Nate Silver on the battering Romney’s favorability ratings have taken of late, and on why an extended primary will hurt him further, despite the spin to the contrary.

* Steve Benen’s latest installment of Romney’s most ostentatious falsehoods of the week.

* As Rachel Weiner reports, if Romney loses South Carolina, it will come after his campaign and the pro-Romney Super PAC dramatically outspent all rivals, another sign of his travails.

* Gallup’s tracking chart shows Romney’s national lead collapsing down to 10 points, prompting Rick Klein to aptly describe it as a “portrait of inevitability coming to an end.”

* But Reid Wilson looks at the big picture and concludes (in some unfortunate phrasing) that the “fundamentals of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign are strong” and that the nomination is still his to lose.

* Fun fact of the day, courtesy of Mark Murray: The total amount of advertising in the presidential race is already pushing $50 million.

* It’s still very puzzling that some people seem to think it’s hypocritical for Elizabeth Warren to support raising taxes on people like herself, for the good of other people who are less fortunate than herself.

* Ilyse Hogue takes stock of a string of recent progressive victories and wonders whether Citizens United has had an upside, forcing lefties to come up with new organizing and persuasion strategies.

* A big labor brawl is averted as Congress reaches a compromise on the FAA authorization that includes a tweak to labor rules rather than the full union-busting provision sought by the House GOP.

* And the Occupy protester Romney dressed down yesterday will appear on the Ed Show tonight, presumably to sing the praises of the Russian and North Korean systems (not).

What else?