Remember, tomorrow is the day that we’ll hear about January unemployment numbers; while unemployment doesn’t seem to have quite the strength in affecting elections that some other economic factors do, it’s still a much bigger deal for the 2012 election than most of the stuff we spend our time focusing on, so look for that one in the morning. In the meantime:

1. I’m going to start with the big Susan G. Komen controversy, since it’s not going away any time soon. E.J. Graff has a great overview of what’s problematic, at least, with Komen to begin with.

2. Jeffrey Goldberg does the reporting on what went into Komen’s decision.

3. House Democrats join their Senate colleagues in asking Komen to reserve the decision.

4. The Planned Parenthood Saved My Life Tumblr.

5. I’m pretty sure that if you tried to tell most Americans that Republicans want the one part of the government with the tools to actually do something about unemployment that it should do no such thing, but instead accept higher unemployment as a trade-off to fighting inflation, that they just wouldn’t believe it. They would think it’s some crazy Democratic spin. Yet as Steve Benen reminds us, it’s absolutely true. That’s what Republicans say their Fed policy is.

6. Tweet of the day: Responding to someone who argued that the Trump circus today was Mitt Romney’s biggest mistake of the campaign, Michael Cohen answers: “Nowhere near as big as endorsing the Ryan budget.” On the other hand, one could argue that he didn’t have much choice about that if he wanted to win a Republican nomination.

7. Speaking of Romney, Jamison Foser has a fascinating essay on the how Romney’s “gaffe” feeds into the conservative theme that the poor are the lucky ones – and how that can work for Republicans electorally.

8. John Sides examines what happened in Florida: Did Romney buy a primary election?

9. Seth Masket on party actors and the hit Newt Gingrich took in Florida.

10. And as long as he’s only down, but not technically out, might as well: “Newt Gingrich's Communications Director Polished Callista's Wikipedia Page 23 Times.” More good reporting from Andrew Kaczynski.

11. Where the GOP Wars on Budgeting and Voting collide: Among other things, Voter ID is expensive, as Liz Kennedy and Tova Wang report.

12. And more War on Budgeting, from Brian Beutler.

13. Ed Kilgore is real good on what Barack Obama said – and didn’t say – at the National Prayer Breakfast.

14. Another Blue Dog down: North Carolina Member of the House Heath Shuler won’t run for re-election.

15. And will Cynthia Nixon and Neil Patrick Harris follow the example set by the Decemberists? Good question from Alyssa Rosenberg.