* Rust Belt revival? Good stuff from Josh Kraushaar explaining why Obama’s apparent rebound among blue collar whites is so important and may even prove a turning point.

Re Obama’s approval rating of 43 percent among them: “Democratic strategists view 40 percent as the Mendoza line for Obama among this group.”

* Ron Brownstein, meanwhile, looks beneath the toplines in the head to head matchup of Obama versus Romney and finds evidence that Obama’s coalition may be re-emerging.

* Steve Kornacki digs into the polling history and finds shades of Reagan and Clinton in Obama’s current chances at reelection.

* No end to the dissembling: Politifact knocks down Romney’s claim that Obama “demonizes” and “denigrates” almost every sector of our economy.

* Aaron Blake lays out the reasons why the odds may be increasing that Dems can take back the House, as Obama’s approval (and GOP unease) continues to rise.

* The Obama campaign’s updated and detailed chart form rebuttal of GOP claims that Obama’s policies made things worse (or is the claim that things have improved in spite of them?).

Obama’s case is not an easy one to make when people are still suffering, which is why that graphic will be ubiquitous.

* Best kept secret of the day, courtesy of Jonathan Cohn: Your tax money already pays for contraception.

* A lot of people tried to argue today that the Post/ABC poll was gamed against Romney because it included questions that contained alleged negatives about him. ABC’s Gary Langer sets the record straight.

* It’s official: Senate Dems have passed the FAA compromise some unions saw as a sell out. Not even half of Senate Dems voted against it — an interesting political move in an election year.

* For all the attacks on Solyndra, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney also picked “winners and losers” in the energy subsidy game.

* And Kevin Drum on the latest evidence of the “hack gap” between conservative and liberal wonks.

What else?