* Whoops! Romney seems to admit that doing nothing other than cutting spending will “slow down the economy.” For some conservatives, this is apostasy, and the Club for Growth unloads.

* Santorum-mentum in Arizona! A new CNN poll finds that he has surged to within a statistical tie of Romney, raising the outside possiblity that he could win both Arizona and Michigan next week.

* Romney’s supporters are presenting his comeback in Michigan as proof of his strength, but surely the fact that he had to vastly outspend Santorum to make it happen doesn’t help with that argument.

* Is it really a stretch to imagine that Santorum’s recent statements about Obama’s “phony theology” and his hint at an Obama-Hitler comparison might actually help with GOP primary voters?

* Steve Kornacki notes the downside to Santorum’s culture-warmongering: It’s giving GOP elites a way to explain him away as not being a real contender.

* Quote of the day, from Mike Tomasky, on all the handwringing among Republicans and conservatives about the need for a savior candidate:

It’s not a new candidate the right needs. It’s a new electorate.

* House Dems charge that the GOP won’t allow the upcoming Dem hearing on contraception/religious freedom featuring testimony from a woman to be televised.

* Romney fully embraces the anti-contraceptive mandate cause, accusing Obama of a “secular agenda,” another mark of how far to the right the primary has pulled him in advance of the general.

* Romney will unveil a new tax plan this Friday, and Ezra Klein asks:

The question is whether Romney’s new tax plan is aimed at the general election, which would likely mean moderating his tax cuts for the wealthy, or at outflanking Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, which could mean a more radical and regressive proposal.

* My bet is Kevin Drum has it right: He’s unveiling a new tax plan because his previous one was not nearly friendly enough to the super-rich to appeal to GOP primary voters.

* Will the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body ever recover from the loss of Blanche Lincoln?

* And Gallup finds that unemployment is set to rise to 9 percent again, but David Atkins explains why you shouldn’t freak out over it.

What else?