The Republican debate – the last one before over a dozen states vote in the next couple of weeks, and perhaps the final one for the cycle – begins at 8PM tonight, on CNN. I’ll be tweeting it as usual, and then you can look for my wrap here soon after the candidates are done. It’s debate-i-licious!

1. Speaking of the debate: which language will Mitt Romney use tonight on inequality? TPM has a nice video summary of Romney's shift from deriding "one percent" language as divisive (when Obama uses it) to employing it himself. Me, I intend to watch the debate in a quiet room, just to be on the safe side.

2. Ezra Klein looks at the Romney tax plan:

Under a Romney presidency, there will be a massive redistribution — or perhaps it should be called a re-redistribution — from low-income people who depend on government programs such as Medicaid to higher-income folks who pay taxes.

3. Andrew Sullivan makes an important point about Santorum’s selective Catholic outrage.

4. The GOP debate curse, from Steve Kornacki.

5. The Super Donors behind the Super PACs, from Ari Berman.

6. Citizens for Tax Justice raps President Obama’s corporate tax reform proposal, because it fails to raise revenues. Anyone think that self-proclaimed deficit hawks will join them?

7. But Jared Bernstein thinks the proposal is a good test for those who claim to support reform.

8. Greg Anrig #1: “An estimated 24 million people with Medicare took advantage of highly cost-effective free preventive care services”

9. Greg Anrig #2: “Overall US health spending grew more slowly in 2009 and 2010 -- at 3.8% and 3.9%--than in the past 50 years.”

10. Jonathan Cohn on religion vs. health care inside hospitals.

11. Darrell Issa is interviewed by the Post’s Ed O’Keefe about his first year as Chair of House Oversight – and has to confront several nasty quotes from Republicans about his reputation for ineffectiveness.

12. How pro-choicers have learned from pro-life activists, and how its working for them in Virginia, from Sarah Kliff.

13. And Conor Friedersdorf on beer, more beer, Charles Murray, and bubbles.