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* Good news (gulp) from the Associated Press: “Auto sales are growing so fast that Detroit can barely keep up.” Just imagine how much better things would be if we hadn’t pursued that Big Government bailout!

* Rachel Weiner has a comprehensive rundown of Romney’s worst silver-foot-in-mouth gaffes.

* The Santorum campaign may be behind a new robocall urging Democrats to vote for him in the open Michigan GOP primary, because Romney opposed the bailout — something liberals have been urging with “Operation Hilarity.”

* David Firestone deconstructs Santorum’s claim that Obama is a “snob” for urging more college, and what it says about the confidence some conservatives apparently have in the quality of their ideas.

* Obama’s pushback on Santorum notes that the word “college” also includes community college training for manufacturing jobs.

* Christian Heinze notes a paradox: Republicans are more forgiving of Romney and his deviations from conservative orthodoxy than they are of his conservative rivals, because they’ve ... accepted him as liberal.

* Hmmm: Judd Legum runs the numbers and finds that Ron Paul has not attacked Romney once during 20 debates, but has attacked Romney’s rivals 39 times.

* The Post editorial board points to new evidence that the surreal Romney and Santorum tax plans would add trillions to the deficit, more evidence that the term “fiscal conservative” (which the candidates actually apply to themselves) has lost all meaning.

* Here’s some video of Warren Buffett’s smackdown of Chris Christie.

* The White House’s embrace of parts of Keystone XL could shield Obama against GOP attacks over rising gas prices, which could be central in 2012, though it’s already infuriating environmentalists.

* Did that poll by The Hill being promoted by conservatives today really find the public wants a “lower tax bill” for the rich? No, it didn’t.

* The first ad from Wisconsin Dems agaist Scott Walker plays the “what did he know and when did he know it” card, a sign that the recall battle will be among the nastiest and hardest fought of the cycle.

* And as Steve Benen notes, it doesn’t bode well that one of the leading contenders for the GOP nomination thinks “tell it to the plants” is a meaningful policy response to scientists’ alarm about carbon pollution.

What else?