I don’t usually link to Karl Rove here, but perhaps the key thing I read today was Rove’s attempt to get the bandwagon rolling soon for Mitt Romney, saying essentially that if Romney wins Ohio everyone else should give up. Will other Republican opinion leaders go along?


1. Harry Enten has a good baseline prediction and estimate of likely Super Tuesday delegate counts.

2. Perhaps the Romney story yesterday of his botched answer on the Blunt amendment was a consequence of Romney's decision to avoid the press. That's what longtime Romney watcher David S. Bernstein argues.

3. Jonathan Cohn on why Romney and the Blunt Amendment matters.

4. The Tax Policy Center analysis of the updated Romney tax plan.

5. Newt Gingrich: a “useful tool for supporters of Mitt Romney.” Steve Kornacki dances on Newt's political grave.

6. Maine-based political scientist Amy Fried takes a closer look at the open Senate race there: “The Maine Senate seat is a strong pick-up opportunity for Democrats. But, depending on who the candidates are — Democratic, Republicans, and Independent — and other dynamics, they may or may not be able to take the seat.”

7. Ezra Klein works through the budget implications of repealing health-care reform, and finds the same result as always: Republicans who claim big deficit reduction from repeal are simply wrong.

8. Meanwhile, Matt Yglesias makes the sensible point that the Affordable Care Act really did pass and is law, and people who say, for example, that someone should do something about the employer/insurance link ought to take that into consideration. I’d add that the same is true about those who say something should be done about Medicare costs. It doesn’t mean, as Yglesias says, that ACA was necessarily the best policy choice, but ignoring it seems very odd.

9. Jamelle Bouie makes a really good point about partisanship and moderation: it’s certainly possible for a partisan system to produce moderate results

10. Laura Conaway documents the Republican shift to the right

11. And a nice post by Alyssa Rosenberg about accusations of bias against conservatives inomney me Hollywood.