* Gallup finds still more signs of rising optimism, with four in 10 now saying the economy is growing. Though 46 percent say the economy is in recession, confidence is rising among indys and Republicans.

* Surprise! A poll of Wall Street investors finds a majority thinks we should fix the deficit the Obama way — a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts — and our slide into socialism continues apace.

* The number of companies that have yanked ads from Rush Limbaugh’s show: Twelve and counting.

* Andrew Rosenthal aptly sums up Rush’s apology in one headline:

Rush Limbaugh Is Really Sorry That He Had to Apologize

* Jed Lewison has dozens of Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke in one video compilation, and there’s no putting this one back in the bottle.

* Scott Brown has pulled ahead of Elizabeth Warren in polls, suggesting the possibility that she mishandled the birth control wars, though it seems clear both sides expect the race to be extremely close.

* Dead heat: The new CNN poll finds Romney and Santorum tied in Ohio at 32 percent apiece.

* Why a Super Tuesday knockout of Santorum may prove elusive for Romney, and why the contest is likely to drag on for weeks.

* Chart of the day, courtesy of Kevin Drum: After two decades of enormous gains, the top 1 percent are rebounding from the recession a lot faster than you are.

* Bonus chart: Ezra Klein breaks down the super-rich’s rebound in more granular detail, suggesting that recession or no recession, inequality will continue to march on.

.* Andy Kroll on a key development in Wisconsin: Video surfaces of Scott Walker pledging to work within collective bargaining rules before getting elected, thus confirming the whole rationale for the recall drive.

* A Fox News Latino poll finds that none of the GOP contenders cracks 15 percent of the Latino vote against Obama, which could be absolutely key to holding the western states to offset Rust Belt losses.

* And Adam Serwer deconstructs Eric Holder’s rationale for killing American citizens/suspected terrorists abroad: “On Monday, the Obama administration explained when it’s allowed to kill you.”

What else?