* Steve Benen patiently explains to political reporters why it should concern them just a little bit that Mitt Romney is endlessly dissembling about the most important policy questions of the day.

* Obama re-elect reality check of the day: The new New York Times/CBS poll finds Obama’s approval dropping again, down to an all time low of 41 percent. But it also finds:

Americans are still expressing confidence that the economy is staying the same or getting better, with those who believe that outnumbering those who view the economy as getting worse by nearly three to one.

This again raises the possibility, as today’s Post poll did, that Obama won’t get credit for the recovery.

* The case for not freaking out about individual polls, from Nate Silver and Jonathan Bernstein.

* Obama will ratchet up the pushback on gas prices in interviews with local outlets in swing states, another sign the White House recognizes that rising prices could undermine the public’s sense of recovery.

* Jamelle Bouie points out that Obama’s numbers are driven south far too easily for comfort.

* Robert Kuttner explains how a misstep on Iran could cost Obama the presidency.

* The Obama Justice Department strikes down the Texas voter I.D. law, suggesting Dems are serious about preventing GOP efforts to limit voting — sorry, voter fraud — from having a major impact this year.

* The Democratic National Committee drops new mailers in swing states touting the benefits of the health law for women, the latest effort to aggressively relitigate health reform to widen the gender gap.

* The shadowy “pro-senior” 60 Plus Association is spending millions on ads attacking Dems for cutting Medicare, more evidence of the right’s efforts to sow widespread confusion as the Ryancare debate looms.

* Chart of the day, courtesy of Ryan Avent: The revised job data demonstrates more clearly that the recovery is proceeding apace. That’s good news, right?

* If Rick Santorum’s newly professed contempt for coastal Americans is any guide, that “real America” rhetoric from 2008 is going to be thrown around a lot against Obama again this time around.

* GOP Rep. Cliff Stearns, a leading figure in the Solyndra probe, is actively questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate, and the casual approach to birtherism from officials in positions of real responsibility continues to amaze.

Silver lining for Obama: Stearns concedes there’s not enough here to impeach.

What else?