* Why won’t conservative voters roll over and surrender to Mitt Romney’s overwhelmingly cash and delegate math advantage already? Resistance is futile!

* Ron Brownstein does a nice dive into the demographics of last night’s results, which again confirm Romney’s struggle to expand beyond “the GOP’s upscale managerial wing.”

* Obama reelect reality check of the day: Matt Miller vividly paints the 8.2 percent unemployment nightmare scenario for Obama, and offers him a way out.

* Right wing talk radio is spinning some seriously lurid and elaborate conspiracy theories around Steven Chu’s claim about gas prices nearly four years ago.

* Andrew Sullivan suggests this may end up being an election about war, and posits that evangelical fervor against Iran could force Romney into a warmongering posture that will trigger a great election argument.

* Dems roll out the head of Planned Parenthood to argue that Romney wants to “get rid” of “preventive health care for three million folks every year,” and they will keep pushing this one as hard as possible.

* Another reason Dems love the Romney attack on Planned Parenthood: It’s a good fundraising tool.

* Dan Balz explains why Romney’s message, that the delegate math is on his side, is “as accurate as it is uninspiring,” and why he needs a whole lot more right about now.

* I’ve been telling you to watch Ilya Sherman’s race for Illinois’ 10th District, and Josh Harkinson explains all, including why liberals see it as a test of how much Occupy Wall Street has changed the conversation.

* Okay, it’s not a “war on women.” It’s just a war on women’s health.

* The labor-backed We Are Wisconsin puts out a fun Web video mocking Scott Walker’s latest gaffe — the governor, who makes nearly $150,000, said he could be making “real money” in the private sector.

Union operatives hope to link this to Walker’s demand for sacrifice from public workers as it presses the case for recall.

* And Rick Santorum tells Puerto Ricans they’re going to have to learn English if they want statehood, which is at odds with the Constitution, not to mention the GOP’s stated Latino outreach efforts.

What else?