Getting right to the good stuff:

1. George Zornick on the Export-Import Bank and continuing battles within the GOP over funding.

2. Why Republicans are better off just leaving the contraception battle behind, and why they find it hard to do so — and hard to talk about it without hurting themselves. Good analysis from Ed Kilgore.

3. Case in point: Pema Levy on state-level conservative attacks on contraception.

4. All of which has E.J. Graff talking to herself about how this all plays out. Great post.

5. Meanwhile, back in Washington, conservatives have somehow managed to put the Republicans on the wrong side of the Violence Against Women Act. No, really.

6. Big flap about new, but unremarkable, CBO budget projections on health care reform today. Jonathan Cohn has a good explanation of the details.

7. The actual news in the CBO report? Ezra Klein has it: ACA’s effect on the budget has actually improved a bit. Or so the projections say.

8. And while I’m on health care: The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities’ Paul Van de Water has all you’ll ever want to know about how the Independent Payment Advisory Board will work.

9. Surprise of the day: A first-term conservative Republican member of the House is open to supporting a millionaire surtax as part of a larger budget deal. Steven Benen explains why this might, and might not, become important.

10. Did you know that Rick Santorum is promising a war on porn if elected? Josh Barro reads Santorum’s campaign materials. I sort of want to hear what Ron Paul would say if asked about this one.

11. State-of-the-GOP race. Harry Enten projects that Mitt Romney is on his way to just over 1,144 delegates.

12. Sean Trende, meanwhile projects Romney to come up a bit short; he has a nice gizmo you can play with to make your own projections.

13. Delegate maven Josh Putnam’s post-MS/AL/HI look at the same numbers looks good for Romney. I agree with him, but still think the most likely endgame is a stampede at some point before June.

14. And, sure, why not: the great Andrew Sullivan at the state dinner