I’m not planning to do a late-night post here on the Illinois primary, although I might wind up posting something back home just for the heck of it. Why not? Because, as Alex Massie puts it: “Illinois Votes; Mitt Romney Wins; Race Still Over.” It’s unlikely that even a total blowout would be enough to shut down Santorum’s campaign, but then again it’s even more unlikely that a surprise Santorum win tonight would really change the dynamic of the contest. So click over and read Massie’s post, and there’s really not much going on in Illinois worth paying a lot of attention to.

But there’s plenty of other stuff going on:

1. Ezra Klein’s overview of Paul Ryan’s budget:

Ryan’s budget funds trillions of dollars in tax cuts, defense spending and deficit reduction by cutting deeply into health-care programs and income supports for the poor.

2. Or, as Matt Yglesias argues: Ryan’s claim that he just wants to “strengthen the safety net” is hogwash.

3. Less ideology, more partisanship: Interesting interpretation by Ed Kilgore, who sees it as basically a big payoff to Republican voters.

4. Steve Benen isn’t sure that it will even sell in the Republican conference in the House.

5. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’s Edwin Park on Ryan’s cuts in Medicaid and the likely effects if they were adopted.

6. Interested in political geography? John Sides reports on a new paper by Samuel Abrams and Morris Fioriana which finds that Democrats and Republicans have not, contrary to earlier findings, wound up living in different places.

7. Something you don’t see every day of the week: a candidate spouse with horrible polling numbers. That’s Callista Gingrich, according to PPP.

8. Another good summary of Republican objections to the Violence Against Women Act renewal, this time from Irin Carmon.

9. Fox News didn’t cover the Trayvon Martin murder, reports Judd Legum.

12. Also on the Martin murder: E.J. Graff’s must-read.

13. Health care goes to the Supreme Court; Jonathan Cohn has speculation about what will happen there.

14. And I totally agree with Emily Yoffe: out-of-work politicians shouldn’t insist on their (former) titles