1) Brendan Nyhan has a good piece on the ways “Etch A Sketch” really, really won’t matter in the general election. Must read.

2) John Sides runs the numbers and finds that while a flip-flopper attack on Mitt Romney would hurt, he is clearly more vulnerable to being portrayed as out of touch with middle class voters.

3) How dishonest is Mitt Romney? A good Rachel Maddow segment counts the ways. Fast forward for all the falsehoods.

4) Karl Rove has endorsed Obama! Okay, maybe not, but as that link demonstrates, if you apply Rovian standards to his own quotes, he certainly did.

5) On Rove’s claim that the Bin Laden killing was no biggie for Obama: David Corn explains what Obama really did, and why it was somewhat different from the approach preferred by Rove’s president.

6) Sarah Kliff has a great update on health care reform implementation in the states, and why that’s where the real action is, all the attention to the Supreme Court battle notwithstanding.

7) David Dayen on the continuing showdown on the transportation bill, and why this will be a much bigger and politically significant story than the budget fght.

8) Budget maven Stan Collender has all the goods on why the Paul Ryan budget is a “political albatross.”

9) There’s an interesting conflict brewing between House conservatives, who want to move a resolution condemning Eric Holder, and GOP leaders, who are wary of looking crazy.

10) Alec MacGillis has a nice piece detailing just how weak the campaigns of Mitt Romney’s opponents have been. Remember: Romney knocked out the stronger candidates before voters got involved.

11) Get wonky: Noah Smith explains the significance of the battle among economists over Keynesianism.

12) Brad De Long asks the central question: We knew what to do, but why didn’t we do it?

13) No politics here, but don’t miss a gallery of print ads from the 1960s.

14) And meet the reporter who is dogging the Obama administration on gay marriage more aggressively than anyone else, even if he isn’t getting any answers.