* “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama says, and Ta-Nehisi Coates aptly describes the president’s brief statement as a “stunning exercise in political minimalism.”

* Major Garrett on why that one line represented a watershed moment in his presidency.

* Joan Walsh on Obama’s moral and personal response to the tragedy, and why the moment demanded it.

* Great piece from Adam Serwer rounding up the right’s outrage over Obama’s public empathy for the parents of the slain boy.

* Must read: Jonathan Chait on the real nature of the ideological divide over health reform and the cruelty and barbarism of the repeal crusade.

* Ron Brownstein makes it simple: If Republicans repeal reform, what happens to the 50 million Americans who lack health insurance? Particularly since that number will increase without policy intervention.

* Sam Stein reports on a key point: The Obama administration is not crafting a legislative back-up for the individual mandate, a key sign of White House confidence the law will be upheld.

* Steve Stromberg picks apart Charles Krauthammer’s mish-mash of misleading statistics, anti-Obamacare talking points, and feigned paranoia about a policy tool that GOPers embraced until Obama used it.

* David Axelrod amplifies the case for, yes, “Obamacare,” and Obama, too, is now calling it by that name. Dems own Obamacare.

* Remember former Rep. Tom Perriello? He was widely liked on the left for his aggressive defense of health reform, but lost his seat in the 2010 bloodbath. He doesn’t regret his vote one bit.

* Paul Ryan’s new budget makes great strides towards economic justice by reducing the percentage of cuts to programs serving the poor from 65 percent in last year’s all the way down to 62.

* As Jamelle Bouie says, Romney will likely avoid getting tagged as an extremist on social issues, so the Dems’ best bet is to highlight his plutocratic aura and radical economic worldview.

* Senator Patty Murray releases a lurid video featuring the classiest moments from Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the anti-contraception-mandate brigade, and demanding that Republicans drop this for good.

* And because it’s Friday: Steve Benen’s regular installment of Romney’s most glaring falsehoods of the week.

This is volume 11, but the frequency and scale of his dishonesty haven’t diminished one little bit.

What else?