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Happy Hour Roundup

* Obama will respond to Paul Ryan’s budget in a speech tomorrow. Bank on it: The President won’t be allowed to present an alternative vision without being denounced as nasty and partisan.

* Relatedly, behold the Ryan budget’s priorities perfectly captured in two charts, which is to say, this is what Obama will be arguing against tomorrow.

* Nice catch by Jon Chait: By confirming he sees the economy as nothing more than the sum total of business success, Mitt Romney unmasks his own ideology.

* Obama versus the Supreme Court: He says he’s confident that the justices would never overturn a law passed by a democratically-elected Congress that would have a real impact on real people.

* Should Obama run against the Court? Taegan Goddard has a one stop shop with two excerpts of the arguments for and against it.

* Kevin Drum: “overturning Obamacare could end up mobilizing movement liberalism in the same way that the Warren Court mobilized movement conservatism four decades ago.”

* Jonathan Cohn says a decision against Obamacare, particularly the preexisting conditions provision, could galvanize opinion if it’s seen as part of a pattern that includes Bush v. Gore and Citizens United.

* Steve Benen gets it right: It wasn’t the “left” that was caught off guard by the conservative bloc’s willingness to embrace broccoli arguments. It was the entire legal community: Left, right and center .

* Pew finds that the SCOTUS arguments didn’t do any favors for Obamacare — or for the Supreme Court.

* Will Romney’s full-on embrace of Scott Walker hurt him in union-heavy Rust Belt states? Friendly reminder: Union-busting tactics were soundly rejected in the must-win GOP state of Ohio.

* Who says working folks don’t like Walker? Wisconsin police and firefighter unions who were exempted from Walker’s original union-busting bill return the favor and endorse Walker in the recall battle.

* Even Rasmussen finds a majority of likely voters would vote to recall Walker.

* Marco Rubio is pushing foward with his own DREAM Act without a path to citizenship, and it remains to be seen whether it will put a dent in the GOP’s Latino problem.

* And Glenn Greenwald deconstructs the larger meaning of John Podhoretz’s Tweet imagining Keith Olbermann’s tongue getting cut out at Al Jazeera.

What else?

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