Plenty on Mitt Romney, health care and lots of other good stuff:

1. I agree very much with Steve Kornacki that Mitt Romney is a “generic candidate,” which would tend to hurt him if Republicans start the campaign behind. My general feeling is that there’s much more downside risk than upside reward in getting away from generic candidates. At least unless you happen to have an Eisenhower available, which most parties don’t.

2. Paul Waldman hears nothing but pessimism from Republicans about the election.

3. And Daniel Larison on Romney: “a warning to movement conservatives in the future that desperately backing the opportunist of the day to try to achieve a short-term victory is not worth the price.”

4. Meanwhile, can Romney really manage to keep taking both side of an issue…within the same paragraph? Jed Lewison is on it.

5. Sarah Kliff lays out the policy implications of knocking out the individual mandate.

6. Could the Supreme Court invalidate the mandate but leave the Affordable Care Act functioning? Jonathan Cohn reports on some experts who believe it’s possible.

7. But Kevin Drum is afraid that the Court is more partisan than ideological, and that could mean doom for health care reform.

8. If so, then what? Steve Benen has more about the missing “replace” part of repeal-and replace.

9. Interesting piece by Ed Kilgore, thinking about outrage and voters in the age of polarization.

10. Good reporting from Tony Pugh on the most underappreciated — still — economic and governing story of the past two years: the effects of massive cutbacks in state and local government.

11. Also on the states: Will Connecticut eliminate the death penalty? Abby Rapoport has the story.

12. Via TPM, video of how liberals intend to use the House-passed Paul Ryan budget to generate enthusiasm in 2012.

13. Michael Cohen argues that “reproductive health is a civil rights issue.

14. And Tim Murphy notes a disappointing lack of actual fact-checking in an AP fact-check on Barack Obama’s AP speech.