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Happy Hour Roundup

* Today’s jobs numbers were disappointing, but Brad Plumer explains why things might not turn out to be all that bad, after all.

* No illusions: The jobs numbers could be a bump on the road to recovery, or a sign of something much more ominous — another downturn. Jared Bernstein illustrates both possibilities in chart form.

* Atrios locates a silver lining of sorts in jobs numbers that sound bad: “Any good news will cause the powers that be to stop trying and, at best, things will get better more slowly than they should.”

* Takedown of the day: Dana Milbank on Mitt Romney’s serial dishonesty and mendacity, and why it goes far beyond the, er, accepted norms of standard political truth-stretching.

* Steve Benen’s Friday tally of Romney’s most glaring falsehoods of the week is by far the longest one yet.

* Steve Kornacki on how the Obama campaign can use Scott Walker’s repeal of the Wisconsin equal pay law to exacerbate the gender gap and hurt Romney among “waitress moms.”

* The Obama campaign and reporters are pushing the Romney campaign to comment on Walker’s new move, but neither CBS News nor The Hill have been able to get an answer.

* Paul Krugman uses two numbers to illustrate why it isn’t all that nasty and partisan to label Paul Ryan’s budget a fraud.

* Ed Kilgore does a far more extensive job than I did of taking apart David Brooks’ laughably flimsy column on the Ryan plan and revealing the false equivalence and phony centrist pretentions at its core.

* It looks like Obama may be set to hit the road and do events next week to push the GOP on the Buffett Rule, another sign of how much Dems are staking on tax fairness motivating voters in Campaign 2012.

* The President, at a fundraiser last night: “We are going to have a big and important debate in this country, and I cannot wait. This is going to be a big debate and it’s going to be a fun debate. It’s always good to have the truth on your side.”

* Here’s hoping more people will ask what Romney would replace Obamacare with, if anything. Andrew Rosenthal lays out why Romney’s goal of transfering health reform back to the states is a terrible idea.

* I’m with Digby: It’s dispiriting that the New York Times has given a public dressing down to a female reporter for daring to express her opinions on the male-only Augusta golf course.

* And Matthew Jaffe has a nice take on Romney’s “Harvard” crack and the true nature of Obama’s difficult background and road to the Ivy League.

What else?

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