Getting right to the good stuff:

1. Excellent post from Jamelle Bouie about why money just isn’t that important in presidential general elections.

2. Ed Kilgore has a good point about liberal rhetoric and “centrist” as an insult.

3. New findings about Latino partisanship and religion, from a paper by Troy Gibson and Christopher Hare.

4. What social conservatives are thinking about Mitt Romney at this point of the campaign, by Sarah Posner.

5. Did Newt Gingrich become a “con man who also cons himself?” Scott Lemieux thinks so. Could be, but I’ll wait until all the returns, or at least all of the receipts, are in.

6. Very helpful look at the anti-incumbent Campaign for Primary Accountability from Jessica Taylor. Not clear whether there’s hidden partisanship, more-or-less honest nonpartisan anti-incumbency, or perhaps just a way to generate profits for consultants.

7. How Elizabeth Warren is profiting from Wall Street…that is, from bashing Wall Street. Turns out you can raise money off of it – who knew? Update from Steve Kornacki.

8. Jared Bernstein brings the truth on Social Security, and why it’s not the budget problem some would have you think.

9. Health care: cost control vs. coverage, from Austin Frakt.

10. Harold Pollack really, really doesn’t like an emerging conservative metaphor, with good reason.

11. Veepstakes! Why it’s actually important. Hint: it’s not because of November 2012, but is about Hannibal Hamlin. By Matt Glassman.

12. And David Drucker on how Members of Congress lobby to get on the ticket.

13. As Benjy Sarlin notes, the Obama campaign is pushing hard on Mitt Romney to release more tax returns. Prediction: Romney will eventually cave and release 5 or 10 years and it’ll be a one-day story…but before that, Romney will make himself look bad any number of ways.

14. And I never watch Bloggingheads, especially now that the baseball season has started and ballgames are taking up my audio channel, so I’m recommending this one blind – but Robert Farley and Michael Cohen sounds like a very good combination. Get your foreign policy fix.