* Nice post by Jared Bernstein on the ways the Buffett Rule would restore — yep — fairness to the tax code, and on the folly of the GOP argument that it doesn’t reduce the deficit enough.

* Harold Meyerson on the class warriors of Wall Street, and their valiant campaign to reverse the precipitous Obama-era plunge in living standards for ultrawealthy hedge funders.

* Jamelle Bouie makes a key point Obama will be helped in his tax fairness push by the fact that in the general election, conservatives won’t let Romney moderate his economic radicalism.

* Ron Brownstein digs into the new Post poll and finds remarkably consistency from one survey to another: Obama is trouncing Romney among college educated women, who could be key to the election.

* A smart, if dispiriting, observation from Digby on how Dems help ensure their own low public ratings on the deficit by failing to adequately make the case that some government spending is good.

* Takedown of the day: Kevin Drum on how right-wing video stunt man James O’Keefe’s latest work accidentally proves how hard it is to commit fvoter fraud, which doesn’t appear to be its intent.

* Not “if,” but “when”: Steve Kornacki notes that even if Obama doesn’t complete his evolution on gay marriage, most Dems who look likely to run for president in 2016 have already evolved.

* Igor Volsky debunks yet another new study alllegedly finding Obamacare increases the deficit. The study’s author: A former Bush adviser whose think thank is funded by the Kochs.

As we’ve seen, the Obama campaign is eager for a protracted public confrontation with the Kochs, so expect it to milk this one for some time.

* Also: As Ezra Klein notes, the real moral of this tale is that even the Obamacare opponents who are flacking this study can’t possibly believe it.

* How bad is it that Boston mayor Tom Menino has yet to endorse Elizabeth Warren ? Simon van Zuylen-Wood games it out, noting it could cost her among blue collar Dems who could decide the race.

* George W. Bush: “I wish they weren’t called the ‘Bush tax cuts.’”

* Now that Romney is the unofficial GOP nominee, Tim Noah inaugurates Etch-A-Sketch Watch. Something tells me he’ll be a busy man.

* And relatedly, Jed Lewison’s great video showing Romney and Obama using virtually identical language to justify their individual mandates is a nice way to kick off the general.

What else?