* Paul Krugman is cautiously optimistic: News orgs are starting to notice Mitt Romney’s serial, epic dishonesty, and maybe, just maybe, it could become part of the larger narrative one of these days.

* Jeff Merkley reminds us that he’s an excellent Senator by hammering the White House for punting on the executive order barring discrimination by federal contractors against LGBT workers.

* Why is there nothing on Mitt Romney’s Web site celebrating the sixth anniversary of Romneycare?

Fun footnote: There was a time when Romney’s achievement in Massachusetts was considered a leading qualification for his fitness for national office.

* James Downie on the Romney campaign’s exploitation of the Hilary Rosen flap and what it says about the GOP’s desperation about the gender gap.

* Tweet of the day, from Dave Weigel:

Between Rosengate and the first ad that misappropriated an Obama quote, I think the Romney campaign is shameless enough to win.

* Also: Weigel politely asks Romney and all his Republican surrogates to please stop lying endlessly about Rosen’s role.

* Snark of the day, from Jason Linkins: “Maybe the Obama campaign will hire Rosen, just so they can fire her?” Not even that would put this to rest.

* Oh, what the heck, Linkins also gets credit for this one:

The question is, will this “impact” the election? Will it “move the needle”? Will it be a “game changer”? Well, let me check real quick — ahh ... okay, here we go: it says here that the presidential election will be decided by whoever takes a majority of electoral votes. So, I’m guessing ... no?

* Obama weighs in:

“When I think about what Michelle had to do, when I think about my own mom, a single mom who raised me and my sister: That’s work. Anyone who would argue otherwise probably needs to rethink their statement.”

Some on the right seem awfully convinced that the Romney camp’s effort to pin this on Obama will pay huge political dividends. Nope. It won’t.

* Breaking: The Romney camp’s exploitation of the bogus Rosengate outrage-fest proves beyond doubt that GOP operatives are prepped and ready for the general election, say GOP operatives.

* If the Romney camp really thinks it’s begun to win the war over the female vote, this compilation of polling suggests they still have a little ways to go.

* And an RNC official defends Hilary Rosen against the Catholic League’s suggestion she’s not fit to adopt children as a lesbian — before quickly claiming he doesn’t (like Romney) support same-sex adoption.

What else?