1. Here comes a test court case on recess appointments. Ed O’Keefe reports.

2. Kevin Drum makes the point that can’t be made too often about the long-term fiscal situation:

Bottom line: no one serious should spend an awful lot of time talking about "the deficit" or about "government spending." We should be talking about health care. Everything else is just a red herring.

3. The Catholic Bishops are bringing some pressure on House Republicans over slashing funding for food stamps, as Jonathan Easley reports.

4. Ezra Klein flags new research from Michael Tomz and Robert Van Houweling that explains how the Republican tax pledge works. Interesting.

5. Etch a Sketch watch: Steven Benen on the Romney campaign’s decision to distance themselves from a hard-line anti-immigration adviser. This week, at least.

6. I like Andrew Sullivan’s take: “It's odd but Romney seems both the most protean and yet most rigid of politicians. My bet is that he remains a captive of a party intent on radicalism at home and abroad.”

7. Ed Kilgore makes the good point on the radical changes involved in institutionalizing the 60 vote Senate.

8. Kilgore quotes from today’s must-read interview of retiring Member of the House Barney Frank, by Jason Zengerle.

9. Jared Bernstein has several principles for fair taxation.

10. Good reporting on inequality and economics, by Annie Lowrey.

11. Americans don’t buy Mitt Romney’s argument about overtaxation as a key to the Great Recession; good point by Jed Lewison.

12. For that matter, don’t expect Romney to do tax reform — or worry about the deficit. Matthew O’Brien runs the numbers on Romney’s tax plans, such as they are.

13. Also, don’t expect the lame duck session after the election to do anything too dramatic about taxes, says Stan Collender. I’m not sure about taxes in general, but I definitely agree about any comprehensive tax reform: not going to happen this year.

14. Want to be depressed about health care? Aaron Carroll, on how we’re all wasting money on name-brand medication — and why.

15. Did you know that teen pregnancy rates have fallen dramatically over the last several decades? It’s true. Karen Sternheimer discusses it.

16. David Frum has a good one: this is the Penn and Teller election. He should have mentioned Mitt Romney’s “for Pete’s sake” comment, though.

17. Atrios on Thomas Friedman. Brutal.

18. And a nice, usable, historical archive of exit polling put together by the New York Times (via The Fix).