* Amy Gardner on the plan to paint Mitt Romney as simultaneously lacking in core convictions and beholden to the far right. The GOP counter-argument: It won’t square with voter perceptions of the man.

* Good question from the Obama-allied American Bridge: “In vetting potential VP candidates, will Romney demand more than two years of tax returns? If so, why won’t Romney release his?”

* Romney’s latest line is one you’ll be hearing in many forms, as a way of dealing with Obama’s high favorables: Nice-guy Obama sweet-talked you into buying a bill of goods last time. Don’t get fooled again.

* Obama, today: “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Michelle wasn’t, either.”

As I’ve noted before, the contrast in the two men’s story arcs could loom larger in the argument over inequality and fairness than we expect.

* Steve Benen tallies up the startlingly large number of times Tom Frieman has written the same column calling for a third party candidate to run for president on a platform virtually indentical to Obama’s.

* Elise Foley explains why Kris Kobach’s hard line on the “Republican DREAM Act” matters: Romney has repeatedly adopted Kobach’s ideas on immigration, making him a key adviser on the issue.

* Markos Moulitsas adds another key point about Kobach:

His presence as a Romney advisor has certainly been an issue in the Latino community, garnering a great deal of attention in the Spanish-language media. It’s likely a factor in Romney’s dismal numbers with Latinos — numbers so bad, that Romney has no path to victory if they don’t improve.

* Ryan Grim on a new initiative from House Dems that would apply Ann Romney’s standard — that being a stay-at-home mom is a job — to women on welfare.

* David Dayen asks a good question: Will Mrs. Romney support it?

The entire point of the Ann Romney hissy fit was that raising kids equals work and ought to be respected. Nobody disagreed with that idea. All this bill would do would be to codify that principle into law, so that stay-at-home single moms can benefit from welfare in the early years of raising children.

* Nice catch by Andy Kroll: ALEC is begging conservative bloggers for help in fending off the assault from the left in social media, another sign the right-wing group is on the defensive big time.

* Romney sits down with some Real Americans, and oddly enough, they tell him they don’t like cuts to education and that sometimes higher taxes are necessary to, you know, pay for stuff.

* And it’s a bit odd that Scott Brown is hitting Elizabeth Warren as “elitist,” given his support for millionaires paying lower tax rates than middle class taxpayers do.

Oh, and Brown is actually rolling out the ridiculous “if you wanna pay higher taxes, then pay higher taxes!” argument, too.

What else?