* Michael O’Brien flags some very interesting findings in today's NBC/WSJ poll that raise a good question: What if voters aren’t buying Mitt Romney’s claims of economic acumen?

* Noam Scheiber peeks inside Obama’s war room and is encouraged to learn that his aides no longer care if hardball politics offends the bipartisanship fetishists and paragons of respectable centrism.

* Steve Benen’s regular Friday tally of Romney’s most glaring falsehoods of the week weighs in at a whopping 21 entries. Impressive!

* A nice Kevin Drum meditation on the conservative message machine’s decades-long success in persuading Americans that the rich pay their fair share — and on the left’s recent success in pushing back.

* Etch-A-Sketch alert! The Romney campaign puts out a new statement claiming the Arizona immigration law is not a model, but defending “the right of states to craft laws that assist the federal government in enforcing immigration laws.”

* Obama reelect reality check of the day: Steve Kornacki on the basic strategic gamble underlying Romney’s nonstop dissembling about Obama’s economic record, and why it may work.

Kornacki aptly translates Romney’s efforts to make you forget about the size of the mess Obama inherited:

If you don’t feel like the economy is in good shape, don’t ask questions — just blame the guy in charge and kick him out.

* The Rove-founded Crossroads groups haul in $49 million in the first quarter, which Dems no doubt hope will be a wake-up call to Dem donors who don't seem to know what’s about to hit them.

* Good reporting from Andy Kroll on Crossroads’ quiet bankrolling of another group whose function is to keep Crossroads-style dark money in the dark.

* Top gay donors are continuing to privately pressure Obama to “evolve ” already, and it remains possible some will withold funds to protest his punt on the nondiscrimination eecutive order.

* But: The White House throws its weight behind Congressional initiatives to reduce school bullying, including of gay and lesbian students, winning some (much-needed) plaudits from gay advocates.

* And a great read from Andrew Cohen, who pens the speech Obama should, but won’t, give on medical marijuana, which is now more popular than the death penalty.

What else?