* The Associated Press takes a stand on the big story: Mitt Romney has repeatedly refused to tell voters the specifics they need to judge his policies, and he has simply sidestepped the hard part.

Surprisingly few news outlets have been willing to state this quite so clearly.

* Romney hints he’s open to supporting Rubio’s DREAM Act, and as Evan McMorris Santoro notes, it’s hard to see this as anything other than preparation for throwing Kris Kobach under the bus.

* Adam Serwer on a new Pew study finding the allegedly liberal media has been rougher on Obama than it has on Romney, and on the bizarre willingness in some quarters to internalize the right’s media ref-gaming.

* Andrew Rosenthalon why Obama’s executive orders are more defensible than Bush’s: Republicans undertook a deliberate strategy of grinding government to a halt to paint Obama as a failed president.

* Tim Noah on why we should worry about rising inequality, and why it (paradoxically) tends to focus public anger on government.

* Eric Wemple cuts to the heart of what’s wrong with Fox’s Steve Doocy misrepresenting Obama’s “silver spoon” quote:

The comical aspect of this entire episode is the fluency of the Doocy-Romney exchange. Even though Doocy grossly misquotes Obama in his question to Romney, the candidate just runs with it.

* And Doocy will “clarify” the remark tomorrow morning.

* Snark of the day, from Andrew Leonard, on Romney’s new embrace of Obama’s push for an extension of low interest rates on student loans:

The paint is hardly dry on Romney’s locking up of the GOP nomination, and already he is supporting big government handouts. Next thing you know, he’ll be backing universal health care with an individual mandate.

* Jonathan Bernstein puts us on notice: We’re going to be seeing far more erratic polling fluctations this cycle than ever before. Don’t get spooked by any of them.

* An RNC official volunteers that the Romney program will be the Bush program, “just updated,” underscoring yet again that the bad economy may not enable Republicans to make inroads with Latinos.

* And as Capital New York notes, Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement of Romney today only succeeded in reviving memories of his description of Romney as the worst flip-flopper in recent American history.

What else?