* Gallup finds Obama’s approval at 50 percent, concluding that thanks in part to leveling gas prices, his numbers are solidifying into what history tells us is a good jumping off point for reelection.

Pollster.com’s average is 47 percent.

* The next question in the student loan fight: Will House Republicans really make life complicated for Romney by fighting Obama over the low-rate extension, or will they quietly allow it to go through?

* Steve Benen on the less-than-impeccable logic on display in John Boehner’s attack on Dems for supposedly voting to double the student loan rates they’re trying to keep low.

* I noted yesterday that Romney’s new support for the low rate extension is at odds with his get-tough-on-students rhetoric during the primary. Politico can’t get the Romney camp to explain the change.

* What makes the youth vote so crucial to Obama’s reelection hopes? This breakdown of Obama's massive gains over John Kerry among young voters in key swing states explains an awful lot.

* Ezra Klein’s new election forecasting model, which is based exclusively on the metrics that really matter, does make the daily blocking and tackling of our politics seem silly and irrelevant.

* Could a Supreme Court decision upholding the Arizona immigration law do long-term damage to the GOP, by inspiring copycats in other states that put the party on the wrong side of demographic reality?

* Jamelle Bouie on how Obama’s invocation of his own struggles with student debt highlight the ways Obama’s and Romney’s life stories embody their visions of how best to create opportunity.

I continue to think the contrast in the two men’s story arcs is far more signficant and relevant to their larger policy disputes than many have allowed.

* For Obama, Warren Buffett is the political gift that keeps on giving...and giving...and giving...

* Rachel Weiner has a tick-tock detailing how the pressure campaign against ALEC slowly gained momentum and finally managed to turn the group into a massive political albatross.

* It does look as if Kathleen Falk is going to have to come up with something big and new if she’s going to catch Tom Barrett in the race to take on Scott Walker.

* Nice catch by Michael McAuliff: For all of Scott Brown’s claims to being bipartisan and independent of the national GOP, he’s still using the menace of an Obama second term to raise money from the national right.

* And Senator Brown’s advisers are pushing Elizabeth Warren to release more tax returns. Too bad Brown’s advisers are also the same people defending Romney’s right to withold them.

What else?