* The Dems’ reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act passes the Senate by 68-31, a sign Dems had the leverage on an issue that will now shift over to the House as the battle for women rages on.

* Steve Kornacki on how much is riding for Obama on whether swing voters will factor in the magnitude of the mess he inherited, and on how this election turns on economic trauma not seen since the 1930s.

* Americans for Prosperity is spending $6 million on swing state ads attacking Obama that are full of distortions, a reminder that literally hundreds of millions in misleading ads are about to saturate our politics.

* Nancy Pelosi ties the student loan debate to the “war on women” by ripping John Boehner’s suggestion that the extension be paid for from an Obamacare “slush fund.”

“It may be a slush fund to him, but it’s survival to women,” Pelosi said. “That just goes to show you what a luxury he thinks it is to have good health.”

* Andrew Rosenthal reads a new Pew poll, and asks: What if the mainstream position in on gay marriage in America is now support for it?

* Another key finding: For the first time in Pew polling, "there is as much strong support as strong opposition to gay marriage.” Which undercuts a key reason Dems are sometimes skittish on the issue.

* Paul Waldman sees the new Crossroads “cool Obama” attack ad as another sign Republicans continue to exploit the hip-versus-square, resentment-mongering 1960s culture wars.

* Jonathan Bernstein takes on the claim that current economic conditions should mean Obama is an all-but-certain loser, with the caveat that his current political circumstances are, well, unprecedented.

* Via Taegan Goddard, a great, if dispiriting and ominous, factoid from Stuart Rothenberg: The cable networks have around 5,000 hours to fill with political chatter between now and Election Day.

* Christian Heinze has more numbers from that Gallup poll and why they show that enthusiasm among young voters may be pivotal to Obama’s chances.

* Mike Tomasky on why Romney’s Hispanic outreach is doomed, even if his pivot allows marginal gains among upper income Latinos:

Average Latino voters, men and women who work really hard every day for white bosses, are just going to find that he reminds them too much of the guy who docks their pay when the bus comes late. And they won’t be wrong — he basically is that guy. There’s no overcoming that. He’s a 31 percenter at best.

* Boehner appears to admit the Rubio DREAM Act could never pass the House, and the question now is whether it will cause a revolt on the right that restricts Romney’s room to maneuver.

* And a funny idea from Adam Serwer: Obama should simply endorse the Rubio DREAM Act, which will make it impossible for the GOP to support it.

What else?