* Dave Weigel skewers the fever-swamp right’s amazing claim that Obama had set up a fall guy for the Bin Laden mission, and notes that even respectable conservatives are now trafficking in it.

* Steve Kornacki aptly boils down Obama’s reelection challenge amid a bad economy: He’s selling context, while Romney is “relying on the electorate’s tendency to live in the present tense.”

* Jonathan Bernstein: The problem isn’t that Romney failed to denounce a supporter for yelling “treason.” It’s that he keeps saying equally crazy stuff about Obama that doesn’t faze reporters at all.

* Evan McMorris Santoro:

President Obama’s fancy footwork on a gay marriage stance is becoming harder and harder to sell. Even worse for the Obama campaign, it’s opening up space for Republicans — who are much further to the right on matters of gay rights — to attack Obama on his own turf.

* But Chris Cillizza explains the hard-boiled political calculations that are driving Obama’s refusal to evolve.

* Beth Reinhard says it’s all about young people and African Americans being at odds on the issue, and presents evidence that swing state voters have not evolved. Exhibit A: Amendment One.

* And Jonathan Capehart knocks down the GOP effort to pretend that Obama’s failure to evolve somehow makes his position identical to Romney’s.

* Good point from Chris Geidner: What’s being overlooked is that Joe Biden was asked if this is what he believes about gay marriage now, and he said Yes, signaling a change in sentiment.

* Education Secretary Arne Duncan managed to come out in support of gay marriage today with “no qualifiers or addendums.”

* No matter how much Republicans scoff about “Julia,” that just may be a tad less important than the fact that women appear to be responding very well to her.

* Scott Brown notched more successful fundraising in New York than anywhere else, thanks to partly Wall Street donations, which is amusing in light of GOP claims that Elizabeth Warren is a carpetbagging elitist.

* E.J. Dionne sounds the alarm for the American Prospect, and notes an underheralded aspect of its role: It incubated lots of liberal talent.

* And Michael Tomasky has started his own blog.

What else?