Lots of good stuff, but be sure to click through to the first two reaction posts on a day many would never have imagined would come just a very few years ago:

1. Andrew Sullivan: “I was uncharacteristically at a loss for words for a while, didn’t know what to write, and, like many Dish readers, there are tears in my eyes.”

2. E.J. Graff: “apparently it does make a difference, or I wouldn’t be sitting here, dizzy.” 

3. Analysis and reaction from Richard Socarides, who thinks back on Bill Clinton’s decision to sign DOMA in 1996.

4. From last week, but very much worth it: Scott Lemieux on politicians and motives, and why no one should care whether Barack Obama’s “evolution” dance was just a cynical excuse for political self-interest.

5. John Sides on how to evaluate the effect on the November electionsof the president’s new position. He speculates, as I do, that it won’t have a significant effect.

6. In other news . . . Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz has been ahead of the curve on the Indiana Senate race. Today, she reviews how nominee Richard Mourdock courted the Club for Growth.

7. Read Richard Lugar’s full speech from last night. Worth it.

8. Paul Waldman is very good on Super PACs and the Democrats.

9. Mitt Romney’s “constant mendacity” and what to expect going forward, from Jamelle Bouie.

10. Veepstakes! Is Mike Huckabee gaining ground? I’ve said from the start that he’s a very logical selection. Robert Costa has more — although keep in mind the usual caveat that all Veepstakes rumors are not to be even remotely trusted. Via Goddard.

11. Policy roundup: Adam Serwer has more on efforts to change the law to restrict indefinite detention in the next Defense Authorization bill. It’s a bipartisan effort, although it probably doesn’t have the votes at this point.

12. While Amanda Marcotte asks a good and important question: why aren’t more girls getting the HPV vaccine?

13. More Serwer: he takes on “The Avengers.”

14. And a great video of Illinois Senator Mark Kirk as he continues to rehab from the stroke that hit him.