* Obama’s latest ad is all about reminding voters of the size of the mess Obama inherited and the job growth that’s happened since — perhaps the clearest response yet to Mitt Romney’s amnesia strategy.

* Paul Kane’s nice overview of the Senate map shows Richard Mourdock’s victory suddenly means Dems have a real shot at retaining the Senate.

* The Romney campaign tries to recruit a former classmate to push back on the “bullying” story, but it only gets worse.

* One witness describes the episode as “assault and battery" and “bullying supreme,” though two others produced by the Romney campaign say Romney was never malicious.

* Jamison Foser on the real problem with the episode: Romney missed the opportunity to issue a forceful statement of regret and a denunciation of bullying, and worse, he still favors bullying of gays in policy terms.

* Nancy Pelosi gets it right: If coming out for gay marriage entails political risk, advancing a major civil rights cause makes it well worth it.

* Obama’s gay marriage announcement has led to a massive surge in campaign donations, another sign that it could provide a huge boost in enthusiasm to the Dem base.

* Via Taegan Goddard, MSNBC’s First Read crew says it: What if the gay marriage fight is just as risky for Romney as it is for Obama?

The challenge for Romney...will be making sure that the same thing that happened on contraception doesn’t happen on gay marriage. He doesn’t need the Rush Limbaughs of the world going bonkers on this today and Romney having to defend comments from the rhetorical extremes. That’s Romney’s internal challenge — and one he has little control over — that his party doesn’t go down the rabbit hole on this.

* Ed Kilgore games out how Republicans could hurt themselves with swing voters and independents by getting overheated over gay marriage, and concludes:

Perhaps Republicans would have been better off in the end had Obama “evolved” a bit more slowly.

* The next big battle over gay marriage: Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley on the boost Obama’s given to the effort to pass the first state referendum affirming marriage equality

* Could Obama’s gay marriage announcement blow back on Scott Brown? Dems are pushing Brown to take a position on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, which Elizabeth Warren supports.

* As Jed Lewison notes, a key point about Romney’s effort to claim credit for the auto industry’s recovery is that it will all but certainly make great fodder for Obama at this fall’s debates.

* ­Tom Barret’s new recall ad — “we can’t fix Wisconsin if we keep Scott Walker” — shows that the Dem argument will be aimed at voter exhaustion with the chaos and division Walker’s agenda has unleashed.

* And Steve Kornacki on how Joe Biden’s accidental honesty sped up history and made him an unlikely liberal hero.

What else?