* DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz confirms it: She’ll raise money for Tom Barrett and the battle to recall Scott Walker.

* Wisconsin Dems confirm to Buzzfeed that they are now confident the DNC will be there for them, though Buzzfeed notes it’s still not clear the DNC will do more than a fundraiser.

* More video surfaces in Wisconsin, this time of a top GOPer claiming his party did want “right to work,” and it’s ammo for the argument that recalling Walker is the only way to restore sanity to the state.

* Dan Balz on the thinking inside the Obama and Romney camps about just how high the stakes have become in the battle over Bain.

One Obama adviser sums up the view of Romney’s vulnerability: “His whole focus was on maximizing profit as opposed to the middle class.”

* Something to watch for: Romney’s Bain years are getting increasingly picked over by the local press in the states, which Obama’s team believes is key to reaching independents.

* Jamelle Bouie on how today’s Romney video about the suffering employed perfectly captures his bet on the public developing mass amnesia about the severity of the crisis Obama inherited.

* Also, I fully agree with Bouie on the risk for Obama that voters will only pay attention to the present, and the strategic challenge that poses for Obama:

They want relief, and Mitt Romney has offered his expertise. For Obama to succeed, he needs to show — convincingly — that Romney is peddling a false narrative and failed policies. Given the degree to which the fundamentals are leaning against him, this is not an easy task.

* Steve Benen also nails a big problem with the Romney video: It doesn’t say how Romney’s tax and spending cuts would make the subjects’ lives better. This point is central to what this is about.

* And speaking of Romney’s “amnesia strategy,” Steve Kornacki notes that Bush really captured the dynamic perfectly by endorsing Romney in as inconspicuous a way as possible.

* Is Harry Reid serious about filibuster reform? One Senate Dem aide suggests the remarks were just born of passing frustration, and more clarification from Reid’s office would be welcome.

* But Senator Jeff Merkley, after privately discussing this with Reid, insists he has no doubt the majority leader is serious. Also in that link: David Dayen’s discussion of the obstacles to reform that lie ahead.

* Obama: “I’m going to win.”

* And Paul Krugman wishes Americans Elect good riddance, and reminds us yet again: There’s already a centrist party; it’s known as the Democratic Party.

What else?