* Democratic National Committee officials, speaking to Chris Cillizza, aggressively defend their commitment to the Wisconsin recall effort, noting that their targeting operation is robust and could prove invaluable.

It appears they still have not come through with that $500,000 Wisconcin Dems wanted, but in fairness, the DNC isn’t giving to other party committees either.

* Another important nugget in Cillizza’s story:

There is also some disappointment, according to one Wisconsin Democratic operative, that the President himself isn’t scheduled to make a campaign stop on Barrett’s behalf. “He’d be huge to motivate the base, boost black turnout in Milwaukee, and raise cash,” said the source.

* John Nichols goes big on what’s at stake in the Wisconsin recall wars, and links it to voters’ rejection of austerity across Europe.

* Gallup finds Mitt Romney’s favorability rating is now up to 50 percent, raising doubts about how damaging the primary really was, and perhaps about what kind of success the Bain attacks are having.

* A great Ezra Klein post on a new GOP catch-phrase, “spending-driven debt,” and what it says about the ongoing Republican refusal to acknowledge that tax cuts produce debt, too.

* Big read of the day: Jamelle Bouie on why Romney would in fact govern as the most conservative president in memory, and why presumptions of his moderation are not just wrongheaded, but irrelevant.

* Byron Tau reports on a new Obama campaign initiative that uses online tools to fight back against the GOP drive to restrict voting, er, “voter fraud,” across the country.

* The Obama campaign releases a statement that hits Romney for standing by his invocation of Wright, and hopes to turn it into a referendum on Romney’s character and leadership:

It was a moment that required moral leadership, and once again he didn’t rise to the occasion. Throughout the course of the campaign, he has repeatedly refused to stand up to the most extreme voices in the Republican Party. If this is the ‘leadership’ he has shown on the campaign trail, what can the American people expect of him President of the United States?

* Mark Murray notes that the revival of Wright is only one of several ways race is resurfacing in our politics, and it seems feasible that things could get a lot worse as the race heats up.

* Snark of the day, from Adam Serwer, on that GOP super PAC’s hunt for a literate black spokesperson:

If you want to exploit bigotry effectively, you have to do so with some kind of plausible deniability, and in 2012 just getting a “extremely literate conservative African-American” to narrate your racist ad just won’t cut it.

No, probably not.

* Millions sob hot tears as Americans Elect officially ends its quest for a presidential candidate, but luckily, those pining for a “centrist” party can still sign up with the closest thing to it — the Democratic Party.

* And today in right wing media: Breitbart posts an exclusive bombshell report of a 1991 promotional booklet from Obama’s then-literary agency, which described Obama as “born in Kenya.”

But the agency tells Taegan Goddard it was a “simple mistake and nothing more.” By the way, rumor has it the whitey tape will break any day now...

What else?