So the Senate did vote on Ninth Circuit nominee Paul Watford and confirmed him by a count of 61-34. That leaves just two vacancies on the Ninth Circuit. Just two? That’s two too many.

And lots of good stuff:

1. “Hetero Guilt and Narcissistic Groping.” Wisdom, from Ta-Nehisi Coates.

2. Very good piece on the Republican obsession with “vetting” Barack Obama, by Paul Waldman.

4. Relatedly, I agree with Steve Benen: attacks on a sitting president based on experience are highly unlikely to do any good. That includes attacks on Obama’s lack of business experience.

5. The NAACP’s evolution on marriage, analyzed by Adam Serwer.

6. Nate Silver: “There's been a dramatic zero-point shift in the polls since Obama came out for gay marriage.”

7. Dan Drezner reads Mitt Romney’s latest foreign policy op-ed, bangs head against tree: “I don't like it when a guy with a 50/50 chance of being president in January 2013 has abandoned the Logic Train.”

8. Dan Larison adds that Romney is only following one strain of GOP foreign policy conventional wisdom: “Drezner is right to be annoyed by the shoddy content of Romney’s op-ed, but it’s important to remember that Romney and his campaign aren’t the only ones producing the flawed arguments found in the op-ed.”

9. Meanwhile, Paul Krugman is banging his own head against a tree at the frustration of trying to have a proper debate about the economy. With economists.

10. A useful update from Jonathan Cohn about how Romneycare is doing — and what it suggests about the future of the Affordable Care Act if it is fully implemented.

11. While Jonathan Chait tries to understand what Romney is saying now about health care.

12. The data that could change everything in health care, from Sarah Kliff.

13. Steve Kornacki wonders about Nancy Pelosi’s future, and the future leadership of the House Democrats if she leaves.

14. Alex Seitz-Wald on Romney and the Latino vote.

15. And a good profile of Romney’s policy director, Lanhee Chen, by Molly Redden.