Lots of good stuff today:

1. Jared Bernstein: is the health care cost curve really starting to bend?

2. The insurance mandate in Massachusetts – lessons learned, from Jonathan Cohn.

3. Why Wall Streeters don’t much like Barack Obama: some speculation and analysis from Nicholas Beaudrot.

4. Stan Collender argues that John Boehner is being extraordinarily irresponsible on the debt limit.

5. Those lawsuits over birth control, explained by Sarah Kliff.

6. Steve Kornacki follows up on Jamelle’s post from yesterday and suggests Democrats should spend less time on Bain and more on Bush.

7. All about Colorado, from Mary Winter.

8. Dave Weigel is absolutely correct about the myth that Barack Obama avoided negative campaigning in 2008.

9. Can Sarah Palin swing a Texas Senate primary? Republican candidate Ted Cruz is going to try it, reports Sean Sullivan.

10. Gallup’s economic confidence number has moved higher. Interesting, but caution: we don’t really know what it means with regard to, well, anything. But still interesting, I think.

11. Way more than you possibly might want to know about that Elizabeth Warren is part Cherokee story, but excellent job by Garance Franke-Ruta in sorting through the whole thing.

12. Greg’s been following the New Mexico 1 Democratic Primary; new polling has banker-bashing State Senator Eric Griego moving ahead by a bit. Worth watching.

13. And how to improve expert forecasting: new research from Kelsey Woerner.