1. Steve Kornacki updates us on Orrin Hatch’s reelection campaign, and makes a good point about Super PACs.

2. Digby raises a good question and suggests an answer about libertarians and the GOP: Why is it that libertarians universally choose the Republican Party?

3. Mitt Romney today revised his promise on jobs – instead of a 4% unemployment target, now it’s 6%. Steve Benen explains what’s wrong with that.

4. Why you shouldn’t care what the Gallup “pro-choice” and “pro-life” numbers are: the underlying policy positions are pretty stable. From John Sides.

5. And Adam Serwer looks closely at the Gallup numbers, and emphasizes that people can call themselves “pro-life” while also believing abortion should be legal.

6. Okay, yes, it’s too early to talk about the electoral college…but if you must, Harry Enton has a good overview.

7. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Appalachian opposition to Barack Obama.

8. Another good explainer about the lawsuit over contraception, from Scott Lemieux

9. “I'm fairly certain this is the first-ever attack ad to feature the phrase ‘he was recently videoed publicly intoxicated being spanked.’” That’s Tim Murphy, reporting on what I think is fair to say is an interesting Texas House Democratic primary.

10. Annie Lowrey plays “who will be the next Secretary of the Treasury?”

11. A good Ed Kilgore post on civil rights history.

12. On the same topic, Jonathan Chait’s epic takedown of a really foolish conservative phony history.

13. Might as well link to my own contribution.

14. And Jackie Calmes on a White House moment to remember.