Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

1. Are Republican congressional candidates breaking with Grover Norquist and the Pledge? Rosalind Helderman sees tiny cracks in tax absolutism.

2. Good Conor Friedersdorf piece on conservative defectors.

3. Jason Linkins with Ana Marie Cox: “Surely, All Of This Could Prove To Be Ephemeral And Meaningless.” Hey, at least Politico realizes it!

4. Matt Yglesias understands the GOP War on Budgeting – and predicts higher deficits if Mitt Romney is in the White House.

5. There’s been an extended debate all week about the Obama Administration’s record on spending. Ezra Klein is who you need to read about it. Key point: it’s the wrong argument.

6. Marco Rubio is a flopper, says Jonathan Chait. Not a flip-flopper; think sports, and refs. A flopper.

7. Why can’t Mitt Romney settle on a number for the jobs (supposedly) created by Bain? I have no idea, but it makes for a fun video, which Steven Benen puts into context.

8. By the way, if it’s Friday, it must be Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity for Benen.

9. Scott Walker is massively outspending Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin recall; polls show Walker surviving, at least so far. Sean Sullivan has the details.

10. Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Richard Carmona may have a chance to flip a Republican seat in November; Pema Levy has a profile.

11. While Adam Weinstein covers this year’s assortment of “fighting Dems” – veterans who are running for Congress as Democratic.

12. And some higher education news: College on the three year option, a new initiative from Wesleyan, by Michael S. Roth.